Help! – HAROTC Tack Sale – Your items needed!


Hooved Animal Rescue of Thurston County will be having a fundraiser garage and tack sale on September 6 and 7, 2014.  Location details coming soon. :)

If you have any gently used items you’d like to donate for this sale, please contact Maggie at (360)459-4170.  We’re especially looking for “big ticket” items – (e.g., furniture and horse tack).  A suggested price on your item(s) would be appreciated.

Any donation you make for the sale is tax deductible!



  1. Mary Skelton

    If you go into my site to the Bargain Barn page,
    you will see a lead I’ve been trying to move for a long time now. I got in some white/blue trace rope that was supposed to be 5/8″ diameter but it actually measures more like 3/4″. And the danged stuff cannot be spliced. So. I grabbed some rope clamps from Weaver Leather along with big snaps to try to move the rope. It’s sitting like a rock. Are these something you guys think you could sell and the fund raiser? If so, I’ll make as many as I have supplies for.

    Also, if any of Rhett Russell’s halter tying books have sold for you, I still have boxes of them. Would be happy to move some along to you guys.

    Shoot me an email asap as time is short to get it all done and delivered to you.


    • HAROTC Secretary

      Thank you Mary, we will be in touch!

  2. Mary Skelton

    Will bring the leads we talked about into Animal Control on Thursday if that’s still a good drop off point. Will send info on pricing and hope to get a receipt for tax purposes. Or, if you see this, give me a call tomorrow and I can go over details with you.

  3. HAROTC Secretary

    I think that’s fine Thursday, Mary… they should be able to get you a tax receipt on the spot, ask for Connie or Kathy. Thank you so much! :)

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