The Deadly Seven

March is National Pet Poison Prevention Month. Here courtesy of Northwest Equine Stewardship Center is a list of the Pacific Northwest “Deadly 7” toxic weeds and plants that livestock owners should learn to recognize and the symptoms they can cause in your animals.


Rescue Pet Roundup at the Thurston County Fair


On the last day of the Thurston County Fair, HAROTC will be bringing a few of our horses to participate in a Rescue Pet Roundup, featuring adoptable animals from several local animal rescues. People can see and meet animals and fill out applications if they are interested in adopting! The event will be Sunday August 3rd in the Hicks Lake Barn, Thurston County Fairgrounds, 3054 Carpenter Road SE, Lacey.


Horses seized: Police say it’s animal cruelty by owners

Two horses and a mule were seized from a rural farm, part a shocking case of animal cruelty in Thurston County. One horse was in such bad shape veterinarians had to put him down on the spot. The case is being investigated by the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office and investigators say it’s not the first time the animal’s owners have been accused of abuse.