Common Questions

What should I do if I see an animal that I think is too thin or badly neglected?

If the animal is in Thurston County call Thurston County dispatch (not 911) at 360-704-2740 to report it and ask them to have the officer call you. When the law enforcement person calls be sure to ask for a report back. If the animal is in another county contact the local law enforcement agency.

What should I do if I see an animal loose on the street?

Call 911 immediately if the animal presents a potential danger to vehicles or the public. Otherwise, in Thurston County, call the non-emergency dispatch at 360-704-2740.

What are the legal definitions and penalties for animal cruelty or neglect?

These are defined under Washington law in Chapter 16.52 of the RCW.

What other conditions should be reported?

  • Animals that appear to be injured and it does not look like they have received medical care
  • Animals living in extremely muddy or dangerous conditions
  • Animals without food or water for more than 36 hours
  • Observed abuse

How can I become a foster home for Hooved Animal Rescue of Thurston County?

Visit our fostering page where you can access information and complete an application for fostering. Once the application has been reviewed you will be contacted for a home visit to evaluate your place.

How do I adopt an animal from Hooved Animal Rescue of Thurston County?

Visit our adoption page to view our available animals and complete an application. Once the application has been reviewed you will be contacted for a home visit to evaluate your place.

I have a horse I can no longer keep, can you take it?

No, our mission to limited to animals who are received through the action of local law enforcement for abuse or neglect.

I have a horse or know of a horse that is very old and no longer has a decent quality of life. I don’t have enough money to pay for putting it to sleep and disposing of it, is there any help available for this?

Yes, HAROTC has Assistance Programs that can help in these situations. If you live outside of Thurston County please visit Front Range Equine Rescue who also provides asisstance with gelding via the Stop-the-Backyard-Breeder Program included on their webpage.

I don’t have room to be a foster home and can’t adopt. How can I help?

Donations are always needed to support the animals in our care. You can donate directly to HAROTC via the donation form, mail a check to our address on this website, or you can make a donation to our account at Kiperts Korner Feed. Sign up for our email newsletter for updates about fundraising events and other volunteer opportunities.

What types of animals does HAROTC care for?

All hooved animals – horses, donkeys, mules, cattle, llamas, alpacas, pigs, goats, and sheep.

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