Lady Grey was found abandoned along with Dodger in May 2012.

Her foster writes:
Lady Grey is a 14.2 Arab mare.  She is very nice to be around.  She is fed in the field and is not aggressive about grain at all.  (I open the gate, she walks away and waits for me to dump her grain in the container.) 
She is easy to catch, very good with the farrier.  She allowed me to throw the blanket on without any halter while she was eating. 
She has not been ridden, but I did put a saddle and bridle on her.  She was very nice about the whole thing.  I’m guessing she has many miles on her.  I stepped on my mounting step and put a foot in the stirrup; she was nice and quiet. 
The vet says she is between 20-22 years old.  She has ringbone but hasn’t shown any lameness (does move like an older horse).   She gets very anxious when separated from the other horses–runs and whinnies.  She is getting much better about that.

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  1. Erika Rowe

    What a lovely mare. Has she been fostered out? Do they have anything to add about her development thus far?

    • admin

      We have forwarded your contact information to her foster, and you should hear from them shortly. Thanks!

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