Summer was very thin and nursing a foal when she was impounded in August of 2013. She has gained weight now and is sound and healthy.

We tracked down her history from her brand, and learned Summer spent most of her life as a PMU mare.  She is now in her early 20s and while she is easy to handle on the ground, she is not broke to ride.

She is good for grooming and foot handling. Her teeth have been floated and she’s up to date on vaccinations.


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  2. How is Summer with kids?

  3. HAROTC Secretary

    Summer is not yet broke to ride, so not good for kids. She needs an experienced adult owner.

  4. How tall is summer? She looks well built. She is beautiful.

  5. Robert Powers

    Seriously. Is she over 15H?

  6. Where is she in the breaking process?

    • HAROTC Secretary

      Please call 360-701-2007 We can talk about her issues and limitations. She will probably not make a riding horse, unfortunately. :/

  7. Thanks for the reply. She is a beauty.

  8. Melinda Presley

    I adopted a rescue horse from HARTC named Harley, in 2002(?). I still have him. I absolutely adore him. Hes getting quite old now, probably about 30.
    I might be interested in giving Summer a good home to live out her final years. I would need to see if she’d be a good fit. I have another older mare and a couple donkeys, sheep, cows that also live here on our little farm in Oly.
    Feel free to contact me!
    Melinda Presley

    • Hi Melinda, I will give you a call later today, evening as well….Would you like to come out and meet Summer? I can coordinate with her Foster Home. Thank you, Dhebi

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