Cindy is an elder grey Arabian mare who was impounded in November of 2012.  She is said to be broke to ride, and might make a nice quiet child mount.

Update July 16 – Her foster home writes:

Attached are some recent pictures of Cindy (new photos have been added below!).   She’s a great little horse, mid to late 20’s flea bitten gray Arab Mare.   She was put under refresher training with a trainer and hasn’t forgotten anything.  She trailers, walks through water, is not afraid of blue tarps, she stands for the farrier, and lunges well except she has no intention of getting up any speed in the lunging. She just last week had her teeth floated, her feet have been done, she has received her immunizations and worming, all in the past month.

As for riding, she rides very, very well but prefers to be a follower rather than a leader. She gets a little nervous either in the trailer or when being tied but calms rather easily. She’s missing a number of teeth so you have to wet her food down so it’s pasty and she can move it back to the back of her mouth easier. She does eat hay but prefers the smaller pieces, and she likes to graze because she has great front teeth and can pull it easier.

She gets along fine with the other horses a mare and a gelding, she lives right next to some cows and she has no fear of the dog, the cat or the goat.  You don’t have to be an expert to ride her but until she gets a little more riding regularly I think she would do better with a confident rider rather than an inexperienced one.

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If you are interested in adopting Cindy, please call us at 360-701-2007 or click the Apply Now link above and fill out the adoption application.

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  1. Yasmin Chea

    Hi I was wondering if you knew how old Cindy is? We’re looking for an older horse, but not too old, for 4 little girls (8yrs and younger) to learn how to care for and ride a horse. Also is there any more info you have on her at this time? We would be really interested in adopting her, but want to know more first. Thanks!

  2. HAROTC Secretary

    Hi! I think I just talked to your sister on the phone. We think she’s mid-twenties. She still has a lot of energy but is broke to ride. – Always though, with little ones, I would start out on lead line until they have good control.

    I am expecting some new pictures of her so check back… if you ‘d like to call me give us a call at 360-701-2007.

    • Yasmin Chea

      Yea that was my sister Heidi! :) My mom will actually be the one adopting Cindy; Heidi and I are just the ones trying to find a good horse. My mom will probably come out on saturday morning with us to take a look at Cindy – we are all very excited to meet her! :)

  3. HAROTC Secretary

    Very good! Keep us posted after you and meet her! I’ve just posted an update up there ^ that her foster home sent today… and some new pictures of Cindy getting out on a few trail rides. :)

  4. Devon Smith

    Hi , I called earlier I will come meet her as soon as I have the boarding worked out.

  5. Devon Smith

    I’m hoping to board her at Pinecrest Stables. I took a tour and it looked a nice place. Hopefully I can meet her soon!

  6. HAROTC Secretary

    I hope you can! Please have a parent call us, or submit an application to adopt her… and we can hopefully arrange that! :)


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